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make a face



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Make a funny face with this awesome kids toy! Made of soft clay and rubber, gently mould into the colourful shape to create a new expression.

This toy is a fun addition to lolly bags, novelty prizes and stocking stuffers. Great as desk companions, funky stress balls or children's toys. You'll always be able to make yourself smile with this great gift.

This tactile face can show any array of facial features, happy, sad, grumpy, tired or even bored! Just poke, prod and stretch his face into your desired expression.

  • A great stress relief and tactile toy.
  • Available in assorted colours including, yellow, orange, green, pink, magenta, dark blue or pale blue.


*This product is available in different colours. If you want to choose a specific colour, please specify your preferred colour in the comments box on the payment page and we will do our best! : )