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There’s so much to think about with a new baby and keeping an eye on room temperature is an important part of safe sleep. 

The Gro-egg™ uses colour as a great way to show the room temperture, and reminds you at a glance to adapt the baby’s bedding, change their clothing or adjust the room temperature.
If parents are using the Grobag Bbay Sleep Bag, then the Gro-egg also helps to highlight when to change between the togs (or warmth rating), depending on the season and room temperature. 

The Gro-egg even works well as a gentle night-light. Not too bringt to wake the children, but just enough light to check on your baby in a dark room.

  • Blue - Indicates it is too cold (under 16°C)
  • Yellow - Recommended (16°C—20°C)
  • Orange - The room is warm (20°C—24°C)
  • Red - Room is too warm (24°C and above)