moluk oogi family

moluk oogi family



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Adopt a whole family of Oogis!

This strange yet endearing character is made from super soft elasticated silicone and its arms, legs and head are suckers. This allows Oogi to be positioned in endless different postures.

Children will use this flexibility to stand, hang, stretch, bridge or swing their Oogi. One Oogi can connect to another and the suckers mean Oogi can be used to connect any number of different objects together. It can even be thrown as a game to see who can 'stick' him to a wall or surface.

Oogi is a mixture of toy, figurine, and inventive practical accessory. Watch children learn and express their creativity or perhaps have one for yourself as a desktop companion! Oogi has no age limit.

Oogi is latex and phthalate free so non toxic.

Key features:

  • More opportunities as a set.
  • Super elastic.
  • Endless uses and creativity.
  • Lifelong toy.
  • Stylish gift packaging.
  • Non toxic materials.