Flensted Mobile Locomobile
Flensted Mobile Locomobile

Flensted Mobile Locomobile

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Designing and creating mobiles since 1953, husband and wife team, Christian and Grethe Flensted, opened their mobile business in Aalborg, Denmark. Creating mobiles isn’t just a job for the family-run business, but a passion that shows in their unique, beautiful and classically-designed mobiles that inspire movement and balance. Designed so the elements are in constant movement while the entire mobile maintains harmonic balance. Handmade with great care by experienced staff, each mobile is packed so that it’s ready to hang. Not simply a nursery mobile, each Flensted mobile is a piece of kinetic sculpture art that will liven any home, office, nursery or play room.

A very charming small mobile in multi-colours for your child's room. Part of the "CLICK-A-MOBILE" series. This mobile is mounted on strings and pre-assembled with the hanger system. You just need to "click" the single elements together. A semi-assembled mobile allows you to spend fun time with your child during assembly.

Design: Louise B. Helmersen 
Size: 32 x 40 cm 
Material: Serigraphical foil

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