Glowing 3D Planets

Glowing 3D Planets

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Bring the brilliance of the celestial sky into your own room and experience the full dimensions of space!

These planets have more glow, thanks to our proprietary Glominite formula. Simply apply the reusable adhesive putty to attach the planets to your ceiling and then turn out the lights.

With the Glow-in-the-Dark 3-D Planets, you can stand back and marvel at your very own solar system!

These awesome glow in the dark planets are the perfect way to turn your bedroom into its own little solar system!

 All the planets are there, with string and adhesive putty to fix them to the roof. You can learn about space and our solar system here in the Milky Way. 

Is Pluto a planet? I can't keep track. It was, and then it wasn't, and then someone at NASA said it was again but that doesn't seem to be generally accepted? Whatever you think of this little baby dwarf planet, it's included in the pack for good measure. 

It's a great stocking stuffer for kids who are impatiently waiting for their first ride in a rocket ship!


  • Turn your room into outer space
  • Includes all the planets in our solar system (and lil Pluto)
  • Great gift for young astronauts
  • Inclusions: 8 planets, Pluto, 7.6 metres string, adhesive putty

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