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Tiger Tribe

Tiger Tribe Rocking Rollers Koala

Tiger Tribe Rocking Rollers Koala

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Introducing the most fun & versatile kids toys around...

This is a 2 in 1 toy that will provide hours of entertainment.

  • Keep in the rounded base so that the cat will rock back & forth
  • Remove the rounded base, push the cat down and watch it glide across the room on it's in-built wheels. 

The Rocking Roller is part of Tiger Tribe's new ECO range. This products is created using bioplastic. These are made from plant-based materials such as wheat straw, rice husks, & sugar cane. This comes from a by-product leftover after a harvest called 'lignin'.

Wheat Straw is biodegradable and using such a product will reduce the use of fossil fuel resources. 

Tiger Tribe's Rocking Rollers are suitable from 18 months of age.

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