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Tooky Toy Animal Jeep

Tooky Toy Animal Jeep

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The My Forest Friends Animal Jeep by Tooky Toy is a delightful wooden shape sorting jeep that combines imaginative play with the development of fine motor skills. This rugged safari truck is steered by two cheerful animal rescue rangers, always prepared for exciting adventures across the savannah to aid their animal pals.

Inside this set, you'll find seven jungle animal shapes, including an alligator, zebra, monkey, elephant, giraffe, crocodile, and lion, each fitting perfectly into slots on the sides of the wooden truck. As children sort the shapes and place them in the correct slots, they not only refine their fine motor skills but also learn about shape and color recognition.

The My Forest Friends Animal Jeep inspires imaginative play as kids take on the role of animal rescuers and caregivers within the preserve. The two rescue rangers can either drive the jeep or disembark to chase after the animals, adding an extra layer of excitement to the adventure.

Crafted from high-quality timber and painted with child-safe, non-toxic paint, this wooden shape sorting jeep with jungle animals is a fantastic choice for animal-loving and adventurous children. It fosters creativity, fine motor skills development, and imaginative play, making it a valuable addition to any child's toy collection. Tooky Toy has created a durable and educational toy that will provide hours of entertainment and learning for young explorers.

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